Boys & Girls Club Capital Campaign

Help Us Invest In Our Community, One Child At A Time.

Do you remember blowing dandelions in the wind when you were a child and making a wish?

That’s what our Club kids have been doing. They began dreaming with us as we set out to transform the Prescott and Prescott Valley Clubs. And, dream they did!

Every day we are impacting the leaders and citizens of the future. The highest percentage of our kids come from families considered “working poor” and the needs of each child vary. We want every moment with our Clubs kids to count, and we know that the right environment encourages imagination, collaboration, and learning. The youth who pass through our doors are just starting out and their potential is infinite. Sometimes they require only the slightest push to become great leaders and model citizens. We know. We have watched it happen.

In 2017, the Clubs silently kicked off a campaign to transform the facilities out of need and love. Need because the space was showing the wear and tear that accompanies consistent and steady use, and love for our community’s youth. The age of the Clubs and their unusual space configurations stifled program growth and made program implementation challenging resulting in an extended waiting list. We knew that we could not just paint the walls and remodel the space. It was our responsibility to design every inch to enhance our Club kids’ experience. In today’s world—made more complex by technology—time moves faster. With home, school, and public spaces all assuming different roles, there has never been a greater need for a haven of safety that is found at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona.

We are grateful to announce that over 65 percent of a $7,000,000 goal has been achieved.

We now invite you to become a keeper of the vision and dreamers of the dreams. The success of this campaign will close the gap in program services, improve and expand the quality of our program space, lessen our lengthy waiting lists, and provide more tools to respond to the needs of every child.

For more information on how you can invest in our community, one dream at a time, please contact Nicole Kennedy at

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See how we’ve adapted to help children & families in the Quad Cities.

We’re Proudly Investing In Our Community…

One Child at a time!

All three of my boys went there and they are very nice and understanding and try to make it fun for everyone, really good experience.

Tami Karry

My daughter loves the Boys & Girls Club. I feel confident leaving her with them.

Jamie Vorves

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for something fun for their kids to do this summer, or after school.

Courtney Hintz