Girl Playing at Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona (BGCCAZ) stepped up in a unique way to serve our community and be part of the solution in navigating this unchartered time together.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting school closures, BGCCAZ is temporarily serving families who work in essential service sectors of the community. The Essential Services Program is designed to serve the needs of those providing essential services for our community and who do not have an option for their child to remain safely at home or with a trusted care provider. This program offers a full day of care in our Prescott location, and thanks to partnership with Prescott Unified School District, is offering free breakfast and lunch.

A primary focus is to help bridge the gap between classroom and home for children whose parents are working on the front lines to respond to COVID-19. The program includes fun activities to help members cope with the stress caused by the crisis, with an emphasis on educational opportunities to reinforce their learning and development during this extra time away from school. Mary, a new Essential Services Program member, shares, “I’m thankful for my mom because she does her best, and works and works. I’m also thankful I can be at the BGCCAZ throughout this time. I am thankful for all the staff members because they work so hard and try their best to come to work”. BGCCAZ is pleased to be able to serve our community during this unprecedented time of hardship by providing youth development programming to the families who need us most. The local Clubs are especially grateful for the support of those who have donated to help make this program possible.

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